The school’s chapel – a breathing space

Älvsby folk high school has Church of Sweden as head. As a clear sign of these ecclesiastical ties we have the school chapel, a room for reflection, meditation, prayer and worship. The chapel is always open to anyone wishing to sit for a while, light a candle for someone or something, read, think, pray.


Candles are available adjacent to a light-bearer, books for worship and meditation are available in a bookcase. At one of the tables by the windows is a book to write their own prayers or thoughts i.

Four of the days of the week on weekdays, there is a morning service for those who wish to worship before the study and working day starts: Tuesday Mass 8.00, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday morning prayer 8.10.
Additional devotions and worship services are sometimes in connection with various short courses or for other reasons and these are of course also open to anyone who wants to participate.

Common school worship for all pupils and school staff is celebrated a couple of times a semester – for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and at the end of spring semester.

The chapel has about 100 seats – all the loose stools. Usually there are two rooms in the room so that 30 chairs are ’chapel address’ on the altar and wall mounted crucifix carved by Eva Spångberg. 70 seats are then ’aula targeted’ as the room doubles as auditorium with screen, white-board, etc. If necessary, all the chairs can be turned in the desired direction.